Welcome to the Acupuncture Practice of Michelle Gellis, Licensed Acupuncturist, Offering Traditional and Cosmetic Acupuncture in Fulton and Laurel MD.

Optimum health is a journey not a destination. As a practitioner, I offer guidance and support regarding diet, exercise, and lifestyle changes which support this belief. In this country, anxiety, depression and what we call “stress” has reached epidemic proportions. Acupuncture allows our body to return to a state of balance naturally, without the use of medications, which can have serious side effects. Acupuncture treatments can enhance the clarity we experience and our ability to appreciate our present moments more fully.

Acupuncture is a powerful system of medicine. Practiced for over 3000 years in China, the benefit of Acupuncture treatment is now clearly recognized and well documented in Western medical journals and in medical institutions across the United States.

Due to its relatively low cost and its noninvasive nature, Acupuncture has become a highly popular form of complementary health care. In this gentle form of medicine, each treatment is designed uniquely to address imbalance as it is specifically experienced by each individual. Symptoms are viewed in relationship to the totality of a person, in order to explore the underlying cause of an illness or disease.

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